Sunday, 4 April 2010

Section B analysis essay

For our section B analysis essay we decided to make a horror trailer with the title ‘Possessed’ we chose this title because we felt it was the appropriate title for the storyline that we had created. We worked in a group of 4 and each had our own individual tasks to contribute to the final product.

We based our film trailer on other horror trailers such as Saw 5 and Paranormal activity that shared the same key codes and conventions as our horror trailer. These key codes and conventions were; short bursts of action, mild clips of horror and terror.

The target audience for our film trailer was more male middle/working class. We chose to target our film trailer at this particular group of people because we believed based on other statistics that this group of people are the majority of people that view this genre of film and therefore out trailer would attract the most viewers. Our film trailer is not directly aimed Female upper/middle class people it may still appeal to them as everyone has different taste in film.

In making our film trailer we first decided to film it with a handheld camera using no type of tripod. We decided this because it makes our film trailer unusual and almost unique in a way which is a beneficial factor.

Our film trailer plot is about a group of young friends who wander into a supposedly haunted abandoned school. They discover a hand-held video camera and begin to mess around in the school. But they notice something horribly wrong, one of their friends is missing and as the storyline continues he becomes possessed this is evident as his appearance is altered and his shrieks and roars are unmistakably un-human and begins to kill off his friends one by one but the only survivor is forced to return to the school and kill his once beloved friend now possessed demon. Some of the scenes of the film would disturb viewers which is why we have given our production the 18 certificate.

As a group we had to brainstorm ideas and place them on our blogs and were set individual tasks to research and also post on to our blogs. I chose to research 2 film posters: an image of the main Vampire from horror movie ’30 days of night’ and an image of a woman with a drip of blood running from her lips. I chose these images because they both really appealed to what I was looking for to analyse. Looking at these images contributed to our trailer because it portrayed the level of horror that we would need our character to look like to seem a convincing demon.

We didn’t really premeditate any particular camera angles; we shot the trailer with the camera man as a character so footage was filmed as live action. We filmed each clip with a close up or extreme close up to draw the viewer in the action so they feel part of the storyline. We filmed our trailer in one particular section of the school as that was the most dim-lit part which would add to the mood of the storyline.

As a group we decided on a soundtrack to fit our trailer. The sounds we chose added to the tension and the horror themed storyline. We discovered a website which had sounds which could be downloaded and put into films and film trailers.

In conclusion, I definitely believe that we did a good job on our horror trailer as the end result was more than satisfactory in my opinion. I also think that our chosen target audience would enjoy the film if it were ever to go into production and would help to advertise out horror film trailer.

By Daniel Avery

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